Why should you invest in business internationalisation?


Foreign markets can offer your business a huge potential to increase your sales and profits


Operating in more countries helps to diversify and reduce risks in compare to focusing only on domestic market


Access to international financial markets, technologies and national incentives allows to increase long-term competitiveness of your business

How to internationalise your business?

Having a potentially successful product is essential to operate on a new market, but it is not enough. Business internationalisation require a thoroughly developed strategy, language and intercultural skills and competent local partners.

There is a number of ways to enter a new market:

  • Direct sales and cooperating with local distributors
  • Licensing and franchising
  • Establishment of a joint venture with a local partner or own subsidiary

How can we help you?

1. Strategy Development

As the first step, we will conduct all necessary research and develop an appropriate internationalisation strategy for your business.

Status Quo Analysis

Identification of strengths and weaknesses of your business with regards to the existing markets and distribution channels, as well as analysis of competitors and substitution goods. This is necessary to assess your business goals and define products and services to be exported.

Structural Analysis

Examination of the structure of the company. Is the company set up to handle international business? Are there existing international patents, registrations, certificates that are required for market entry into foreign markets? Is the team prepared to handle foreign customers?

Product Analysis

The product will be closely analysed in order to determine necessary adjusting for entering the target markets, as well as to define market entry barriers to be faced. A detailed analysis will help to overcome these barriers in the most efficient cost and time saving manner.

Market Analysis

The defined target markets will be researched in order to gain insight into customers, competitors, pricing structures and distribution channels. The goal of this analysis is to define size, potential, structure, attractiveness and accessibility of target markets.

Feasibility Study

The results of the previous steps are condensed and the required adaptations and developments in regards to product and structure as well as the costs of market entry will be defined.

Market Entry Strategy

As a result, a precise Market Entry Strategy will be established. This strategy will clearly define the timeframe, the cost, the required marketing activities, the target markets as well as the achievable turnovers and the KPIs relevant for the project. Finally, we will give a clear indication on how to implement the required steps.

2. Strategy Implementation

But our work is not done with development of theoretical concepts. We will support your business until you start real sales. Our goal is establishment of your product in the market.

Approach to Market Entry Barriers

4X will actively assist in approaching identified barriers including interaction with regulating authorities of the target country, required product adjustments and certification.

Match Making

4X will identify, evaluate, select and approach cooperation partners for your business. Through out wide contact network and intercultural competence, we can find you suitable suppliers, manufacturers, investors and distributors in foreign markets.

Marketing Activities

4X can represent your business on trade shows, provide local presence in target markets and assist with the creation of country specific marketing materials as well as required translations. Our experience and efficiency will allow you to achieve your goals while reducing costs to minimum.

Sales Development and Key Account Management

4X can assist you in sales negotiations or even conduct them on your behalf. We can help you establishing efficient distribution network. Once clients or distributors have been acquired, we can take care of your key account management coordinating communications between suppliers and distributors, and provide your team with sales trainings to insure your effecient operations in the target market.

What makes us different?

Result Orientation

There are plenty of export consultants out there, we’re not one of them. Our goal is not to sell you consulting services, but to make sure that you start selling your product in the target market. Our profits always depend on profits of our customers.

Expertise and Experience

We are a team of professionals in sales, marketing and business development, Moreover, we possess intercultural and language skills which are essential to represent your business in foreign markets.

Network of Contacts

We already have an established network of producers, distributors and investors in different markets which stays at disposal of our clients

Business Development for Healthcare Market

We offer services of business internationalisation for various sectors, but our main focus is medical products and devices. Our expertise is based on broad experience in this field and the established contact network of healthcare professional in many countries. We have experience of working with established medical product, as well as with innovative products completely new to the market.

Where we operate?

We have broad experience and an established contact network in various countries of Europe and Asia.
Our main focus are markets of the European Union, Russia and CIS countries, China, India, South Korea and Malaysia.

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